Jackets Racing

A Day at the Races

September 30, 2009

On Sunday, myself and 6 other members of our team spent the day at Kil-Kare Speedway autocrossing. The day started out wet and for some of the guys it was their first time out at the track so the times were slow at first but once the sun came out everyone dropped almost 10 seconds from their first run. Dustin Winchester posted the fastest time between us while driving Mr. K’s Mazda Miata with 52.8 seconds.

Not only did we drive but a few of the guys took ride alongs with some of the top finishers of the day. It was a blood pumping trip to say the least. All in all we learned a lot, had ton of fun, and made some friends.

- Wes Muntz


Ben Beall and Jon Pyles waiting in the grid before their first run.


Jon going hard into the corner.



Dustin staying focused.


Dustin tearing it up on the track.


Nick Duncan being awesome.


Nick out on the course while Ben waits for his turn.