Jackets Racing

Engine Team Update

October 28, 2009

Engine team has finished its design of the intake and exhaust systems. The team utilized the WAVE software package to design the systems. Using knowledge from the classroom, a SAE video seminar, and lots of advice and mentoring from Cedarville grads, the team was able to accurately analyze the performance of the engine with different intake runner and exhaust header lengths. The results were encouraging! Based upon the model, the motor will make good, smooth, and sustained torque in the mid to high engine speed range.

One current project is modifying the existing oil pan. A new base will be machined from aluminum sheet metal and welded to the stock oil pan, thereby shortening the height of the pan. The engine was picked up and dropped off at the shop last week, and the new Haltech Sport 1000 ECU was just delivered today. The team has done some minor prep work on the engine and is excited to get it running on the dynamometer for tuning. Check back in a few weeks for pictures of the custom-made intake, exhaust, and radiator!

- Scott Bardakjy

WAVE model of 2008 Suzuki GSX-R600 engine.

Comparison of torque figures vs. previous cars.

Comparison of power numbers vs. previous cars.

Removing stock exhaust system.

Cutting out pieces for the oil pan on the band saw.