Jackets Racing

Impact Attenuator.

February 19, 2010

The journey has been long and rough, but we have prevailed. There were problems with the test setup, accelerometer, o-scope, attenuators, and to top it all off we were snowed in for 3 days. It seemed as though when we solved one problem another one popped up. I suppose that is what a lot of this Formula project is all about. Things taking longer than they should, Plans A, B, and C all falling through, and copious amounts of team effort. I will attempt to show our trials throughout the past few weeks through a few pictures.


Our first nieve attempts at I.A. (note there are 8 samples not 4)


Setting up the barrel

The powerhouse that hoisted the 300kg beast


The setup from the top

The loaded barrel

The first I.A.

The aftermath. 300kg from 3 ft high.


A few days later...


...At the top...

  Mid-impact. (cool picture but alas an epic fail)

Another fail.

Aluminum box attempt.

The filler inside the box.


Experienced a peak of over 80g's. Fail.


Ben's pizza box attenuator. We were all pulling for this one
so we could have an excuse to buy more pizza.

The final one we tested (not shown) might work depending if we can filter out the data from the o-scope. We shall see later this weekend.

- Wes Muntz