Jackets Racing

1 more day.

February 28, 2010

It's crunch time. Or rather it's been crunch time for the last few weeks but this weekend is insanely critical to Kimberly (the car) and our team. Back when we were wide eyed and naive about what we were all getting into when signed up for the Formula team we made a vow that we would our car running under its own power by  March 1st. Fast forward through the school until now. We have one day left until March 1st and things are looking good. There is still a lot to do but it is totally within the realm of possibility. If (or when) we succeed in our task it will be by far the earliest Cedarville University has ever had a running car! This will in turn allow us to drive the car more and solve any problems that arise early on.

- Wes

Dustin's Differential Mounts

So shiny you can see yourself

The beginning of the body
Ryan and Matt W. placing the rear shock to make sure things are lining up

The beginnings of the Jon's second iteration of the carbon fiber rim

Dustin's wheel centers for the rain tires

One of the A-Arms attached to the front upright